My Birthday Song

My Birthday Song
My Birthday Song

Release Date - 19th January 2018

Language - Hindi

Director - Samir Soni

Music Director - Rajeev V Bhalla, Ajay Govind, Nitin K. Menon, Joy Barua, Pawan Rasaily  and Pawan Rasaily

Producer - Sanjay Suri and Samir Soni

Star Cast -  

Sanjay Suri as Rajiv Kaul, 
Nora Fatehi as Sandy, 
Zenia Starr as Ritu, Ayaz Khan, 
Suparna Krishna, 
Sameer Sharma, 
Elana Khazan, 
Purab Kohli.

Story -

Rajiv (Sanjay Suri) is praising his 40th birthday celebration with his companions when he meets an outsider named Sandy (Nora Fatehi) and gets private with her. The following morning he awakens to understand that everything that he was encountering was only a dream. However, as the day advances, the occasions that occur in his life and the persons that he meets, everybody asking him to address with reference to whether what happened the previous evening was all only a fantasy or did everything really happen.

Movie Review - 

Star Rating

For his introduction film, Samir Soni has picked a somewhat intense subject. More on the lines of Anurag Kashyap's No Smoking or even a scene of Black Mirror, this is an open secret where the whole result lies in the story. On the other hand, an unpredictable story, for example, this one needs an accomplished producer. Additionally, the way that the story is layered and there are numerous courses of events going through the movie. What we see rather, is one scene following another with no genuine structure and the story gets somewhat incomprehensible on occasion. On the other hand, a tight showtime of 96 minutes keeps you engaged with the story. Outwardly, as well, the film is very dazzling on account of cinematography by Shubham Kasera.

Sanjay Suri, as a blame ridden birthday guy conveys a trustworthy execution thus does Norah Fatehi. The creation esteems are first rate as is the music. While the story may get somewhat tedious, similar to how birthday melodies can get, perhaps that is the thing that the executive planned. That being stated, this is one gathering you might need to go to on the off chance that you like your silver screen to be dull and strange.

Songs - 

1. "My Birthday Song" (Singer - Raajeev V Bhalla)
2. "Ajnabi" (Singer - Mohan Kannan)
3. "Ghayal" (Singer - Mohan Kannan)
4. "Bhaag" (Singer - Joi Barua)
5. "Rain" (Singer - Joi Barua)

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