Release Date - 25th January 2018

Language - Hindi

Director - Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Music Director - Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sanchit Balhara

Producer - Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Sudhanshu Vats and Ajit Andhare

Star Cast - 

Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati, 
Shahid Kapoor as Maharawal Ratan Singh, 
Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji,
Aditi Rao Hydari as Mehrunisa,
Jim Sarbh as Malik Kafur,
Raza Murad as Jalaluddin Khilji,
Anupriya Goenka as Nagmati

Story -

Padmaavat is a Indian Historical movie. Actually it’s a story of queen Padmavati who is also famous for her beauty and strong character.  Maharawal Ratan Singh of the Kingdom of Chittor,  husband of queen Padmavati. Chittor Kingdom was a wealthy kingdom of north-west India.  The story of queen Padmavati’s beauty reaches to Sultan Allaudin Khilji. Dictator sultan decided to have the queen at any cost. After trying for long time he returned empty handed from  Chittor. Now Allaudin decided to strike Chittor. As a result a horrible war took place between Maharawal Ratan Singh’s force and Allaudin’s barbarous force. Alauddin was almost defeated by Ratan Singh but Singh was killed by Kafur from behind with arrows. Alauddin’s force succeed and captured Chittor. But Alauddin’s force couldn’t  get queen Padmavati and other Rajput women as they sacrificed their life by committing Jauhar.

Movie Review - 

Star Rating

Every one of those disturbing over how Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat would stomp all finished Rajput pride, you may breathe a sigh of relief: the chief didn't require a notice from the Karni Sena and the various so called 'armed forces' on keeping it traditional. His whole film is a steadily rich, grandly mounted paean to Rajput reputation. What's more, whichever way you cut up it and Bhansali is an ace at showing off, to the malevolent routine with regards to 'sati'. Bhansali made all the debate trivial, and could not hope to compare to the display that unfurls. Bhansali reunites with two of his most loved leads of todays  – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, also added Shahid Kapoor to finish this trio of honorable acting ability.

Shahid is unfaltering and unflappable as Maharawal Ratan Singh – the leader of Mewar, overflowing with Rajput pride. He conveys a superb quality to the character that warrants him winning the certainty and devotion of the Mewar kingdom and all the more significantly, Rani Padmavati's heart. Deepika is brilliant as the Rajput Queen whose magnificence, brains and valor moves the whole plot along once Alauddin Khilji ends up fixated on her. Padmavati's appeal past the shallow is noticeable post-interval, when her character wakes up and she gets to feature her acting extent. Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji is viewed as an unhinged, brutal Sultan, who is overcome with a greedy drive for power and substance. He releases a creature attraction on screen with a scarred face, kohl-lined eyes and a lubed middle. The scenes amongst him and Shahid are the absolute most fascinating, as both utilize their acting muscles at inverse finishes of the ethical range. Other than them, Aditi Rao Hydari perseveres as the innocent Mehrunissa who gets a reality check when she finds her better half Alauddin's actual nature. Jim Sarbh is to some degree lost as the Sultan's slave-general, unfit to create enough hazard to dominate his lord's own. Regardless, the outfit moves well tuned in to Bhansali's vision of this overwhelming retelling.

Songs - 

1. "Ghoomar" (Singer - Shreya Ghoshal, Swaroop Khan)
2. "Ek Dil Ek Jaan" (Singer - Shivam Pathak)
3. "Khalibali" (Singer - Shivam Pathak, Shail Hada)
4. "Nainowale Ne" (Singer - Neeti Mohan)
5. "Holi" Traditional folk song (Singer - Richa Sharma, Shail Hada)
6. "Binte Dil" (Singer - Arijit Singh)

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