Raja Abroadiya

Raja Abroadiya

Raja Abroadiya

Release Date - 16th March 2018

Language - Hindi

Director - Lakhwinder Shabla

Music Director - Mukhtar Sahota and Jazim Sharma

Producer - Lakhwinder Shabla

Star Cast -  

Robin Sohi as Raja,
Vaishnavi Patwardhan As Preety,
Harry Verma as Balli,
Abhishek Singh Pathania As Rahul,
Olga Hoffmann As Sally,
Alankrita Bora As Twinkle,
Vaishnavi Macdonald As Parkash Kaur,
Yograj Singh As Succha Singh,

Story -

The film story is about Raja Sahib (Robin Sohi) and Preety (Vaishnavi Patwardhan). Both of them travel to overseas to achieve them personal goals. Raja is belongs to a rich family and his father’s name is Yograj Singh (Succha Singh) & mother’s name is Vaishnavi Macdonald (Parkash Kaur).  After insulted by a drunken villager, he takes challenge to find a foreigner young lady to marry. And Preety’s dad is a alcoholic person, because of his nature whole family has to suffer a lot. Then Raja and Preety meet with each other with the help of their friends.  After that they have to marry for a visa. But destiny has different plans for them. Then gradually lots of incidents happen in their life - like, love, heart break, love triangle etc.

Movie Review -

Star Rating

Raja’s father is a rich person in village and he has no aim in his life. He is just wasting the time by doing useless activity. Because of this reason his father is very angry with him but his mother supports ignoring his faults. Suddenly one day a drunken villager gives him challenge that he never go to overseas. And Raja decided to visit abroad to marry a foreign girl. Then he visits visa office and approach visa consultant Preety. Then they do fake marriage to get a visa. After going abroad he starts finding foreign girl to marry to complete his challenge. Really this is unbelievable. The script of this film is very weak and lots of unrealistic incidents happening one by one. Raja tries to present funny appearance but it doesn’t work. Yograj Singh’s performance is excellent as a angry father role. Pushing exaggerated characters also drag down the movie performance. Song are average. 

Songs - 

1. "Banke Saanse" (Singer - Sanhita Majumder and Sherry Khan)
2. "Bhame England" (Singer - Karan Juneja)
3. "Bheete Nahin Rehna" (Singer - Nitin Kumar)
4.  "Bheete Nahin Rehna" (Singer -Simar Kaur)
5. "Nazaare" (Singer - Nitin Kumar and Sanhita Majumder)
6. "Raat Jashan Di" (Singer - Feroz Khan)

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