Union Leader

Union Leader
Union Leader

Release Date - 19th January 2018

Language - Hindi

Director - Sanjay Patel

Producer - Sanjay Patel

Star Cast -  

Rahul Bhat as Jay, 
Tillotama Shome as Geeta,
Jayesh More as Manoj, 
Samvedna Suwalka as Rita, 
Jay Vithlani as Anand

Story -

Surrendered to his destiny as a laborer in a famously trashy concoction plant, Jay needs minimal more than for his better half and child to get away from their life of destitution yet soon he understands that he should not just figure out how to help his family, yet additionally defeat grave social and lawful foul play in the governing body.

Movie Review - 

Star Rating

Jay Gohil (Rahul Bhat) is stalled by his local obligations and battles to bring home the bacon, while engaging an evil spirit of a business Ketul (Mehul Buch) at work. Some of his associate laborers have lost their lives to intemperate measure of unforgiving chemicals in their bodies and the ensuing restorative carelessness, consistently choose to make him the head of their recently shaped association.

The laborer association versus its administration fight has been a widespread issue. Infringement of human rights common in this modern space frequently motivated 70s Bollywood movies. Sanjay Patel's endeavor at uncovering the situation of thousands of assembly line laborers functions admirably in divisions, yet gets too outlandish in parts. While the plot has an extremely accommodating touch to it and the characters stink of authenticity, the end would have appeared well and good had we as a whole been living ideally. 'Association head', from being a tell-all dramatization, movements to being a yearning Bollywood flick in a matter of moments.

Both Rahul Bhat and his spouse in movie Geeta (Tillotama Shome) as an upright white collar class couple searching for a supernatural occurrence to change their lives are a characteristic as is the savage goon Mehul Buch.

Notwithstanding having a component of logic in the film, disintegrates towards the end due to poor execution, therefore making it another average motion picture about rich versus poor people, strong versus the weak.

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