Release Date - 13th April 2018

Language - Hindi

Director - Karthik Subbaraj

Music Director - Santhosh Narayanan

Producer - Kaarthekeyen Santhanam and Jayantilal Gada

Star Cast -  

Prabhu Deva as a blind person and victim of mercury poisoning,
Sananth Reddy,
Remya Nambeesan as Prabhu Deva's wife,
Deepak Paramesh,
Shashank Purushotham,
Anish Padmanabhan,

Story -

Mercury is a silent and horror-thriller movie. It’s a story of five youngsters who have lost ability to speak & hearing due to mercury poisoning. They plan a reunion party and travelling to a scheduled place at midnight. Suddenly an unexpected incident happens, which change their life forever. They hit a blind violinist (Prabhu Deva) who also a victim of mercury poisoning. Then to hide their unintentional crime they bury him and left the place. After that they again visit the place and found the person still alive but as a ghost. Then he takes away a girl from the group and detain in a chemical factory. The group then enters the factory to rescue the girl. But the ghost-person starts killing all the members of that group one by one. At last that detained girl explains their situation to him. After some emotional scenes finally movie ends with an anti-toxic pollution message.

Movie Review - 

Star Rating

Prabhu Deva is in leading role in this movie. We expect a lot when we find talented actor like Prabhu Deva in movie. But if script is weak then nobody can save the movie from falling. Prabhu Deva and other artists have done good job but still film’s overall rating is average as characters are designed and written poorly. Film director Karthik Subbaraj does some experiment with the movie Mercury but he fails to utilize talent skill of Prabhu Deva. Some moments of this movie is enjoyable. But if you consider full movie then it’s not up to the mark. Film could not able to reach the desired level due to weak story, weak screenplay and poor execution. Music effect is average. It’s not a entertaining movie but if you like silent movies then definitely you can watch it. 

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