Release Date - 13th April 2018

Language - English

Director - Brad Peyton

Music Director - Andrew Lockington

Producer - Brad Peyton, Beau Flynn, John Rickard and Hiram Garcia

Star Cast -  

Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye,
Naomie Harris as Dr. Kate Caldwell,
Malin Ã…kerman as Claire Wyden,
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Harvey Russell,
Jake Lacy as Brett Wyden,
Joe Manganiello as Burke,
Marley Shelton as Dr. Kerry Atkins,
P. J. Byrne as Nelson, a scientist and friend of Davis Okoye,
Demetrius Grosse as Colonel Blake,
Jack Quaid as Connor,
Breanne Hill as Amy,
Matt Gerald as Zammit,
Will Yun Lee as Agent Park,
Urijah Faber as Garrick,
Bruce Blackshear as Taylor,
Jason Liles as the motion-capture of George,
Skye Notary and Willow Notary present the motion-capture of 2 female gorillas,

Story -

Rampage movie is the story of Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) and his silverback gorilla friend George. Davis Okoye likes to stay away from people and maintain strong friendship with George. George is an exceptional smart and quiet nature gorilla who has been living with Davis since his birth. But a genetic experiment on George done by a crook, has converted him a dangerous and furious creature. To increase the problem and make the situation worse other similarly altered creatures join the gang. Then they come to North America and start demolishing everything which comes in their way. Now Davis forms a team with genetic engineers and prepare antidote. Then he starts toughest fight to save the world from these dangerous creatures. His fight is not only to save world but also to save his friend George. 

Movie Review - 

Star Rating

The Rampage movie presents a science fiction story where genetically altered monster creatures demolishing the world. The movie is filled with action, suspense and extreme level of violence done by monster creatures like gorilla, a Godzilla-like crocodile and a giant wolf. They destroy everything which comes in their way. Then muscular movie hero Dwayne Johnson comes to save the world. He prepares antidote with the help of some genetic engineers and start struggling to stop the monster creatures.

The science fiction movie Rampage shows that a high level genetics experiment in a spaceship goes wrong and the mutagen crashes the earth. As a result of this crash normal wolf, crocodile and gorilla transforms into gigantic dangerous creature. The story concept and scene designing are good. The main reason behind that genetics experiment is a desperate attempt to make money and the offenders are greedy sister-brother Claire (Malin Akerman) & Brett Wyden (Jake Lacy).

The action sequences have been designed and executed nicely. Action scenes like blowing up vehicles and smashing skyscrapers are looks good but not able make the audience amazed as these kinds of action sequences already shown in many movies. Dwayne Johnson performed in action scenes like a super hero to stop giant monsters. His performance is great. Predictability is the main weakness of this movie. Lots of same repetitive violence and destruction scenes are quite boring. Despite of some flaws, movie director able to maintain the fun. He nicely presents the friendship relation between Dwayne Johnson and a gorilla. Overall movie experience is good and enjoyable. 

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