Release Date - 4th May 2018

Language - Hindi

Director - Hansal Mehta

Music Director - Ishaan Chhabra

Producer -  Nahid Khan

Star Cast -  

Rajkummar Rao as Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh,
Rajesh Tailang as General Mahmud,
Rupinder Nagra as Maulana Ismail,
Keval Arora,
Timothy Ryan Hickernell as Daniel Pearl,
Kallirroi Tziafeta as Mariane Pearl,
Harmeet Singh Sawhney as Abdul,

Story -

Omerta is biopic movie on Omar Saeed Sheikh who is a Pakistani origin terrorist. He kidnapped four foreigner visitors india and also he was responsible for kidnapping & murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl. This movie tells the story how he became a terrorist and his criminal activities. 

Movie Review -

Star Rating

After watching the trailer everybody expected Omerta as an exciting thriller movie but it’s nothing but a series of incidents. It’s really unexpected from the director like Hansal Mehta. Omerta is biopic movie on terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh. But director failed to match up the movie story with a real life story of a terrorist. Movie character Omar suddenly leaves London school of economics and joins terrorist group. But no strong reason has been shown behind his decision to join terrorist group. Seeing torture on Muslims at the time of Yugoslavia’s war, Omar joins terrorist group. But on very next scene his war line moves to Kashmir. This is quite unexpected.

Performance of Rajkummar Rao as Omar is nice but the execution of story is not good. After getting training Omar comes to Delhi and kidnaps four foreigner tourists. Director has shown the kidnapping scene in detail but you never feel the thrill. Then Omar gets easily caught by the police and also he gets released easily. Kidnapping and brutally execution scenes of American journalist Daniel Pearl, are also very average and simple. Rajkummar Rao has tried his level best but it doesn’t work because of poor execution of story. It’s just a collection of scattered clippings of incidents. 

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